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Welcome to Direct Liquidation Winnipeg

We are a leading Manitoba based liquidator of name brand and high quality furniture, appliances, electronics, building products, clothing and more for the public. Locally owned and operated, this Manitoba liquidation business wheels and deals to get products that will sell for a lower price than competing products and whenever possible tries to purchase direct from suppliers.



Primary Direct Liquidation Winnipeg specializes in purchasing and marketing merchandise from overstock, distress situations as well as inventories acquired through insurance and freight claims, bankruptcies, receiverships, buybacks, over-production, canceled orders… virtually any kind of problem situation. We also carry current everyday inventory at discounted prices. We deal with them all.

"Our goal is buy products at great prices and pass them along to our retail and commercial clients."

As a direct liquidation center, it’s all about negotiating the best deal on products direct from suppliers and manufacturers where possible. This way we can bring them in and almost guarantee you won’t find that product at lower prices in the province.

At Primary Direct Liquidation Winnipeg you will hear us proudly promote, “Blowout Prices,” “Inventory Clearance,” and “Factory Direct Sales,” because that is our mandate. To buy at the lowest prices so we can sell to you, our customers at the best price possible.

The extraordinary savings available every day is matched only by the volume of new products we’re bringing in daily. Direct Liquidation Winnipeg’s clients visit regularly to make sure they don’t miss out on great deals on products that come in and are snapped up just as quickly.

Liquidation products can come for a number of reasons including:


Overstock issues arise from suppliers and retailers who have over ordered products expecting large demand. When that demand isn’t realized (i.e., when people don’t buy the products in quantities like the stores predicted they would) the stores end up with inventory they can’t sell. In these cases they sometimes sell them to an overstock outlet. This is when a liquidation centre like Primary Direct Liquidation Winnipeg steps in and it’s a WIN-WIN. We purchase the overstocked items, and you, the customer picks up things like freezers, couches, tv’s and clothing at bargain prices.

Scratch and Dent:

This is exactly like it sounds. Brand new electronics, appliances and furniture may have cosmetic or other damage that prevents them from being sold through regular retail stores.

In many cases the damage is minute but it’s important to check ‘scratch and dent’ merchandise to see if it can be repaired if required or that you can live with the defect. It’s also important to be clear if the item has any form of warranty.

Liquidation Auction:

The term liquidation is used to refer to any rapid conversion of an asset into cash. A liquidation auction can be held by a wholesaler supplier, or manufacturer who has too much stock and is looking to lower their inventory. A business or company who is insolvent and needs to sell off their assets to pay creditors of the company may also call for a liquidation auction. Again, this is where the Winnipeg Primary Direct Liquidation centre steps in to identify good opportunities for products their customers want and the customer gets a real deal.

The variety of products available through overstock, scratch and dent or liquidation auctions is unlimited. From couches and loveseats, to toys, jewelry, computers, fridges, freezers, home decor, lighting, convertible sofas, bedroom furniture, mattresses, clothing, shoes, and more. Whatever product you can purchase through a retail outlet can potentially be purchased through a liquidation center, and the Direct Liquidation outlet in Winnipeg is continually working to find a great variety of products people want for home and office.


We provide the best value to our customers by continuously refining our processes and cost structure.

Downsizing your Warehouse? Extra Inventory? Overstock? Closing Shop?

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